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I believe it's wonderful how there are so many production companies being created with the sole purpose of bringing BIPOC works to TV, movies and streaming services. Most recently, the production company Higher Ground, owned and operated by the fabulous Barack and Michelle Obama, are bringing Blackout to Netflix. Published by Quill Tree Books, an… Continue reading Musing 8/22/21 ~ MORE BLACK FANTASY, PLEASE!

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Did COVID-19 Kill the Publishing Star?

Is the industry dying? Are people just not reading anymore? Are we fighting an uphill battle? Never start your work with questions. But I’m sure my fellow writing peeps have noticed YA Imprints are being dropped and jobs go with these decisions. I feel bad about it all. I was listening to a recent episode… Continue reading Did COVID-19 Kill the Publishing Star?

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The Publishing Industry and COVID19

After many days of headaches and worries, my 9 to 5 finally allowed us to Work From Home (WFH). Don't get me wrong, I'm still worried, but not as as much. I worried about my Big Brother, who had Type 2. I'm calmer now and having to stay in. Since our governor just dropped the… Continue reading The Publishing Industry and COVID19

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Musing 11/5/18 ~ Follow the Rules!

...Or, "If I can do it the hard way, why can't you?" I know it's been awhile since I posted here.  But it's been one of those, life gets in the way, kind of years.  If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you'll know I was downsized from my job of ten years in… Continue reading Musing 11/5/18 ~ Follow the Rules!