Tinderbox: First Book in the Tales from the Riven Isles. AVAILABLE NOW!

Animated Cover created by Morgan Wright

“This promising debut features strong world building and well-developed systems of magic. It will appeal to readers of Kacen Callender’s Queen of the Conquered (2019), N. K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (2010), and L. Penelope’s Song of Blood and Stone (2018).” — Booklist

Fans of Andrea Hairston’s Master of Poisons and other secondary world fantasy will enjoy this expansive magical adventure. — Publisher’s Weekly ~See full review here.

 I enjoyed reading Tinderbox due to its wonderful description and characters, as well as the plot itself. In my opinion, it’s well-paced and most of the chapters are short, which I also love. The title and cover are so beautiful! It fits in the fantasy and adventure genres, with some romance in the mix. If that’s something that you like, maybe check it out. – Million Pages ~See full review here.

Tinderbox is a riveting tale about personal strength and hidden magic. — Aleena Ortiz Foreward Reviews, July / August 2022 ~See full review here.

A tinderbox, three huge hounds within, and an underground kingdom of old magic. Fans of Sarah J. Maas and Holly Black, myth and magic, fairy tales and fantasy, will love the dark adventures of the Riven Isles.

“A grisly murder, a missing box, a dangerous task, and a cranky magical talisman. Expect betrayals, intrigue, peril, and romance in this smartly moving fantasy.” — Jacey Bedford, author of the Psi-Tech and Rowankind series.

“W.A. Simpson begins with a simple tale of revenge and quickly weaves a grand adventure bound together with the threads of fairy tales and fey creations… where possessed staffs speak, wil-o-wisps roam, and Jack’s giant vine protects the world both above and below.” — Troy Carrol Bucher, author of Lies of Descent

The Riven Isles. A place outside of our known world, where the characters of myth and fairy-tales exist, and their legends influence the lives of the people. 

Among them is Isbet, a witch skilled in the craft. Her return home marred by the murder of the woman who raised her. The old witch’s prized possession, stolen–the Tinderbox. A common man has used it to seize a throne. The same man who conquered Prince Bram Greyward’s land and forced Bram to become his heir. When a chance encounter gives Isbet the opportunity she needs to ingratiate herself into the king’s house, she meets Bram, whose bravery and kindness impresses her.

Isbet’s goal is revenge and to retrieve the Box. For Bram, it is to free his homeland. When they receive a summons to an underground kingdom, they must set aside their personal desires as they discover an ancient source of magic, long dormant, is being brought to life by beings unnatural and it threatens to destroy the land. They have pulled Isbet and Bram into a battle not their own and struggle to locate the source of the darkness. However, Bram is caught in the aura of shadows surrounding the king and fearful of the demonic creatures within the box.

Tarotmancer: Second Book in the Tales from the Riven Isles

AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER ON MANY ONLINE STORES! Publication date: 6/13/23 from Flame Tree Press:

Animated cover created by Morgan Wright

“Intricate plotting and sympathetic characters underpin this unique magical fantasy”Jacey Bedford, author of the Psi-Tech and Rowankind series.

Harper was barely out of diapers before the cards started speaking to her. Abandoned in a gambling den, the owner took her in and taught all about games of chance. Using her Gift, she makes a modest living, although Harper feels there must be more to her power. She befriends a thief, known only as Red, after saving him from certain death. Neither have last names or pasts. Such things do not matter in their world.

But everyone has a past.

Red’s catches up with him during a job which could set them him up for life. Now forced home to the last place Harper wants to go—Underneath. For Red is the infamous Reynard the Fox. The shape-shifting trickster wanted for crimes against the Kingdom of Vale. King Noble has been searching for him for decades, for the lives of the citizens of Vale far surpass normal humans.

Torn between fighting for Red’s life and her growing attraction to the King, Harper knows Red’s many crimes and she cannot forgive them. But there is more to the citizens of Vale seeking retribution.

Red learns of the Rot and how it feeds on hatred, but they banish him to the Cesspit, leaving Harper to fight The Rot alone. But if she cannot control her own contempt, the Rot will take her and all of Vale.