About Me

Wendy A. Simpson started writing at five after a family friend gave her an old typewriter. It was a story by Ray Bradbury that turned her towards fantasy and science-fiction. After writing several manuscripts she completed a young adult fantasy, published by a now defunct small press. She chalked it up to experience and continued to learn about the craft.  

Gunslinger Witch was a NaNoWriMo work, and the idea came to her after researching women of color in the Old West and came upon Stagecoach Mary Fields. She knew she had to write about her. She is a staunch supporter of diversity in the publishing industry and feels strongly about the need for BIPOC writers and their stories. She is represented by Anne Tibbets of the Donald Maass Literary Agency. Gunslinger Witch and another epic fantasy Tinderbox are currently being shopped to publishers.

In August 2020, Wendy was diagnosed with HER2+ IDC — Breast Cancer. This has not stopped her from continuing her dream of publications and feels it is important for all women to have regular exams, mammograms and to do self examinations. She appreciates all the support she receives.

Wendy considers herself the world’s biggest bibliophile. When she’s not writing, she’s working in her garden, video gaming and creating and streaming videos on Twitch under the name Runic Nightshade. The original Delaware native, she shares her home with her two cats, Cinnamon and Spice and her oldest brother, who she affectionally refers to as Big Brother. Wendy is active on social media and loves discussing the business.