Works in Progress

Want to know what I am currently working on? This is the place to be! The works listed here have not been submitted to publishers…yet.

Immortal Stream (science-fantasy):

On December 21, 2012, the world as we know it ended. And it wasn’t a terrible thing.

Benevolent aliens escaping their enemies and a dying world come to Earth for refuge and in exchange give humanity advances in technology and medicine never realized. Along with their science comes clean air, plenty of food and water. Hybrids of extinct animals appear, along with strange yet beautiful flora. The aliens’ greatest achievements are the near-sentient bioships, powered by a humanoid heart and linked to a single human pilot.

For Brigit Rice, without a job, and anyone to share her life, things are as bad as they can be. Until she meets Kel 2474. Known as companions, Kel and others like him offer certain humans a special gift, suited to who they are and what they wish to achieve by granting almost superhuman powers, called Talents. Brigit agrees to travel to their planet ship and has a second chance, like the Earth itself. Reborn as Indigo Rose with Kel, she becomes a mercenary for hire. Indigo loves her new life until Kel asks a favor of her — investigate the murder of a bioship pilot whose heart is a friend of his. One thing Indigo didn’t expect — linking with the bio-heart Solace.

The aliens have brought with them things lethal to humans. Aedromerry is one, an addictive drug that causes an irreversible Mania. Like Mr. Hyde, people who overdose on Mania lose all inhibitions. To deal with them is the Bureau of Civic Defense. Deadly force is the only way to stop a Maniac, and the BCD receives special training for the task. Now Indigo must join them, as they are the custodians of the bioships.

A powerful leader of the BCD allows Indigo to continue her investigation in secret. It’s not long before she discovers a conspiracy involving a group of individuals whose greed makes them willing to send the Earth back to those times where pollution, disease and hunger ran rampant. But Indigo remembers, and there’ll be hell to pay.

The Last Storyteller (grimdark fantasy):

From the day a people choose their Storyteller, they devote their entire life to spreading the tales of her people and the history of the land. There is no other way to do so since some long-forgotten cataclysm destroyed the technological advances of man. Storytellers are always women as they have the special gift of weaving the story with sights and sounds of the past besides their words. They leave behind new life and a reminder of what was. Four storytellers are about to go out into the world. Drusilla Stokes of the North, Maeve Mongan of the West, Takagi Norie of the East and Jimena Valle from the South. They and others like them from all walks of life and under the tutelage of a Master Storyteller travel the world, from the barren places to the what’s left of the shining bastions known as cities. It is by law that they be welcomed and treated with the utmost respect, although there are places who refuse to follow.

There is a story that neither they nor others like them know. It is from the whispers of desperate people or those who want more than what others have. It tells of an ancient people who commanded significant power, who disappeared into the past long ago. This story reveals what happened and how to find them. And once discovered how to covet their power. And although no one knows this story, one woman — a woman rejected from the ranks of the Storytellers determines to wrest this information from whoever she pleases and in the most violent of ways possible.

No Storyteller is safe as she takes them captive, subjects them to torture, then casts them aside like so much garbage if they don’t have information she desires. They do not train Storytellers to fight, so they are ill-equipped to deal with this threat. There seems to be only one solution. The story must be found and kept from the madness. But how do you find something that doesn’t exist?

The Good Guys (contemporary fantasy) Pitch:

The World. Filled with superheroes and villains alike. And the most well-known city is Mile High — yes, the man who named it didn’t consider, although Harlan Miles achieved an almost godlike status in his life. The World’s first superhero and founder of the first super-organization, The Infinity Squadron. There’s a saying, you’re nobody if you’re not a member of Infinity Squadron.

It starts with a young woman known as Session by her friends, and she wants nothing more than to be a superhero apprentice — you do not use the word sidekick. Sure, she’s too old, but a genuine hero would look beyond that to her talent. Session is a computer genius and except for a few notables, heroes she’s heard of don’t know the first thing about computers. They get someone like Session to handle that and they have cool nicknames — like — well, Session.

Her friends are looking to become the apprentices of the lesser heroes, but Session has her eyes on a bigger prize — Majestic, the leader of The Infinity Squadron.  She knows their computer genius is going solo, so when a chance presents itself, she announces to Majestic as he smiles for the cameras of her wish — and he shoots her down, with millions watching.

Angry and humiliated, Session decides if the hero doesn’t want her, maybe a villain might until she’s given another choice to become the apprentice to one of the so-called lesser heroes, the mystical Lady Chrysalis who introduces her to a multitude of others, among them, the Scarlet Wing and apprentice Sparrow, lifelong friends, Burn and Mimic, and Masquerade, master of disguise. Each has their own stories, but things aren’t as good as it can get, and the villains know who their heroes are. There are rules in The World. You don’t mess with family. You don’t mess with people like war vets, kids, and soccer moms. But someone is ignoring all the rules to get what they want, and it will take Session, the IS and all the Good Guys together to stop their many insidious plots.