Musing 06/22/20 – #PublishingPaidMe Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. I must be out of my mind because the answer is always yes. Even with everything that's going on in the industry right now. There's a new hashtag on the block #PublishingPaidMe. Created by fantasy author LL McKinney, it invites authors of color to reveal the … Continue reading Musing 06/22/20 – #PublishingPaidMe

Musing 05/31/20 The “Who and Where I Am: Rooting Writing in Identity and Place” Panel

I had the immense pleasure of attending the SFWA 2020 Nebulas Video Conference. Check my Twitter feed for everything I took part in. This panel however got me thinking. How does one decide identity? I asked in the panel chat but there were hundreds of people there so it didn't surprise me that they didn't … Continue reading Musing 05/31/20 The “Who and Where I Am: Rooting Writing in Identity and Place” Panel


My wonderful, beautiful peeps! I've waited decades for this day! I am --pleased? Ecstatic? Going completely insane with happiness? All three! As of today I have signed with and am now represented by Anne Tibbets of the D4EO Literary Agency! Dance with me! And when I say, decades, I mean DECADES! I've been striving … Continue reading I HAVE AN AGENT!

Mini Musing 10/18/19 – Reprint!

While Big Brother and I were chilling for my #Birthday we binged watched episodes of #StarTrekDS9 and discovered a very interesting one called Far Beyond the Stars (recommended @AnneTibbets ) which involved another Captain Sisko vision-quest. <1> In this episode he is "an under-appreciated science fiction magazine writer in the 1950s America." (IMDB) Neither Big … Continue reading Mini Musing 10/18/19 – Reprint!

Mini-Musing 4/13/19 ~ Should I Embrace The Weird?

A while back I wrote a blog post referencing a video by the Nostalgia Critic asking the question, is weird the new good? The question recently came to my mind again by way of an article on the Barnes and Noble site, Science-Fiction/Fantasy Blog of 7 Impossible Fantasy Cities Worth the Visit by Sam … Continue reading Mini-Musing 4/13/19 ~ Should I Embrace The Weird?