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Mini-Musing 03/27/23 – Patreon? Kickstarter? I don’t know.

Did I spell those right? I'm currently following the recent...controversy? No, it's not a controversy, just an author doing what they feel is right. But what I noticed is a lot of comments — among others — stating that the reason some authors have Kickstarter and Patreon accounts is to raise money to self-publish the… Continue reading Mini-Musing 03/27/23 – Patreon? Kickstarter? I don’t know.

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2022 Indies Book of the Year Award!

Tinderbox is a finalist in the 2022 Indies Book of the Year Award in the category of fantasy! I am so happy and honored! Thank you to Foreword Reviews and all involved! Time to crack open the champagne! Click here for more information:

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Musing 02/15/23 How does #Booktok work?

Mention of an apparently controversial article on #Booktok had me looking into it. Well, I’d been doing so for a while now, trying to learn the ins and outs and, as always, I come up with the same question. How does #Booktok work? I know you’re thinking, well duh! But seriously, there are so many… Continue reading Musing 02/15/23 How does #Booktok work?

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Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

So I'm taking some time from my writing to clean the two inch thick layer of dust and cat hair from my office. I'm also listening to Neil Gaiman's MasterClass. He's speaking of that dreaded question that strikes terror into the hearts of all writers. "Where do you get your ideas from?" I asked an… Continue reading Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022