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Mini-Musing 8/27/21

We've all heard it. Genre writers, in various forms or another. "Why don't you write something serious?" "Why don't you write a real book?" "Fantasy (science-fiction, horror, romance...) isn't real writing." Even with all the genre fiction being made into movies and TV out there, you still have people asking these questions. Recently, The Neverending… Continue reading Mini-Musing 8/27/21

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Did COVID-19 Kill the Publishing Star?

Is the industry dying? Are people just not reading anymore? Are we fighting an uphill battle? Never start your work with questions. But I’m sure my fellow writing peeps have noticed YA Imprints are being dropped and jobs go with these decisions. I feel bad about it all. I was listening to a recent episode… Continue reading Did COVID-19 Kill the Publishing Star?

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My wonderful, beautiful peeps! I've waited decades for this day! I am —pleased? Ecstatic? Going completely insane with happiness? All three! As of today, I have signed with and am now represented by Anne Tibbets of the D4EO Literary Agency Donald Maass Literary Agency! Dance with me! And when I say, decades, I mean DECADES!… Continue reading I HAVE AN AGENT!

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Mini-Musing 4/13/19 ~ Should I Embrace The Weird?

A while back I wrote a blog post referencing a video by the Nostalgia Critic asking the question, is weird the new good? The question recently came to my mind again by way of an article on the Barnes and Noble site, Science-Fiction/Fantasy Blog of 7 Impossible Fantasy Cities Worth the Visit by Sam… Continue reading Mini-Musing 4/13/19 ~ Should I Embrace The Weird?

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Mini-Musing 1/26/19 ~ The Frustration of Being an Author

You may have seen my recent postings on social media about how I’ve been feeling frustrated and antsy lately about my writing. I included an article about how it was OK to feel jealous, angry, or bummed. I’ve had an article up all day, published June of last year, where a writer describes his journey… Continue reading Mini-Musing 1/26/19 ~ The Frustration of Being an Author