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Offer of Publication: Tinderbox!

It's been quite a fight since I started this journey back when I was a girl of 14 years old. I suffered disappointments and setbacks. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but you know what...? IT WAS WORTH IT! You may have seen on my social media accounts, the news I have been waiting for, for… Continue reading Offer of Publication: Tinderbox!

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Mini- Musing 01/04/19 – Kathleen Hale and what’s the point?

I thought long and hard about writing a blog post concerning the situation with Kathleen Hale.  I tried for hours, after thinking of what I wanted to say at work but when I got home, I thought, “This won’t make a damn bit of difference.” I’ve written various blog posts asking authors to NOT DO… Continue reading Mini- Musing 01/04/19 – Kathleen Hale and what’s the point?