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Offer of Publication: Tinderbox!

It's been quite a fight since I started this journey back when I was a girl of 14 years old. I suffered disappointments and setbacks. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but you know what...? IT WAS WORTH IT! You may have seen on my social media accounts, the news I have been waiting for, for… Continue reading Offer of Publication: Tinderbox!

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Musing 03/19/21 – Diverse Writers: Still a Long Way to Go.

Still waiting, but this is common for us writers. I’m not saying anything new. It’s tough, frustrating, but you keep at it. It’s the same for artists–I’m looking at YOU, Robin Brantley. But we keep going because we love what we do. Even when we want to quit. Even when we say we’re going to… Continue reading Musing 03/19/21 – Diverse Writers: Still a Long Way to Go.

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The Publishing Industry and COVID19

After many days of headaches and worries, my 9 to 5 finally allowed us to Work From Home (WFH). Don't get me wrong, I'm still worried, but not as as much. I worried about my Big Brother, who had Type 2. I'm calmer now and having to stay in. Since our governor just dropped the… Continue reading The Publishing Industry and COVID19

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My wonderful, beautiful peeps! I've waited decades for this day! I am —pleased? Ecstatic? Going completely insane with happiness? All three! As of today, I have signed with and am now represented by Anne Tibbets of the D4EO Literary Agency Donald Maass Literary Agency! Dance with me! And when I say, decades, I mean DECADES!… Continue reading I HAVE AN AGENT!

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Mini Musing 10/18/19 – Reprint!

While Big Brother and I were chilling for my #Birthday we binged watched episodes of #StarTrekDS9 and discovered a very interesting one called Far Beyond the Stars (recommended @AnneTibbets ) which involved another Captain Sisko vision-quest. <1> In this episode he is "an under-appreciated science fiction magazine writer in the 1950s America." (IMDB) Neither Big… Continue reading Mini Musing 10/18/19 – Reprint!