I believe it's wonderful how there are so many production companies being created with the sole purpose of bringing BIPOC works to TV, movies and streaming services. Most recently, the production company Higher Ground, owned and operated by the fabulous Barack and Michelle Obama, are bringing Blackout to Netflix. Published by Quill Tree Books, an … Continue reading Musing 8/22/21 ~ MORE BLACK FANTASY, PLEASE!

Musing 06/22/20 – #PublishingPaidMe Sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. I must be out of my mind because the answer is always yes. Even with everything that's going on in the industry right now. There's a new hashtag on the block #PublishingPaidMe. Created by fantasy author LL McKinney, it invites authors of color to reveal the … Continue reading Musing 06/22/20 – #PublishingPaidMe