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Musing 12-13-22. How the Comic/Manga Publishers are Missing Out!

A few days ago, I asked about dreams. Well, I made a video, asking about dreams. I asked people to tell me what were their dreams outside of writing and publishing. I said I'd love to see my work as a series, preferably animated but something I forgot to add, although I referenced it… Continue reading Musing 12-13-22. How the Comic/Manga Publishers are Missing Out!

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Mini-Musing 08/06/22 – The Big Three

AH-HAH! You thought I meant the publishers didn't you? I'm currently working on a project that involves my creating a soundtrack for Tinderbox. I've enjoyed doing so, but while searching for more songs, I recalled certain favorites and I realized I haven't listened to any of them in several years and I'm not sure why.… Continue reading Mini-Musing 08/06/22 – The Big Three

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Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

So I'm taking some time from my writing to clean the two inch thick layer of dust and cat hair from my office. I'm also listening to Neil Gaiman's MasterClass. He's speaking of that dreaded question that strikes terror into the hearts of all writers. "Where do you get your ideas from?" I asked an… Continue reading Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

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Musing 3/1/22 – What Happened to the Heroic Superheroes?

Celebrate Women's History Month! I just finished watching The Guardians of Justice on Netflix. Why? I do not know. I was interested in seeing where yet another superhero series would do to further tarnish the very notion of superheroes. It didn't disappoint — or more accurately; it did. Filled with excessive violence, gore, blood, homophobia… Continue reading Musing 3/1/22 – What Happened to the Heroic Superheroes?