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It’s Hype Time! Presenting Adrienne West!

I spoke to the nicest lady who is also a talented jazz singer and composer, the fabulous Adrienne West! I love meeting new people, especially fellow artists! I would highly recommend you give her music a serious listen. Jazz is a genuine learning experience, just like everything else I'm trying to catch up on. Check… Continue reading It’s Hype Time! Presenting Adrienne West!

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Mini-Musing 08/06/22 – The Big Three

AH-HAH! You thought I meant the publishers didn't you? I'm currently working on a project that involves my creating a soundtrack for Tinderbox. I've enjoyed doing so, but while searching for more songs, I recalled certain favorites and I realized I haven't listened to any of them in several years and I'm not sure why.… Continue reading Mini-Musing 08/06/22 – The Big Three