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Offer of Publication: Tinderbox!

It’s been quite a fight since I started this journey back when I was a girl of 14 years old. I suffered disappointments and setbacks. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but you know what…?


You may have seen on my social media accounts, the news I have been waiting for, for many decades! Last month I received an offer of publication from Flame Tree Press for my epic fantasy, Tinderbox. Thanks to the hard work of my agent, the fabulous Ms. Anne Tibbets of the Donald Maass Agency. Tentative publication date, Fall of 2022!

I wanted to post the original query letter but I’m having trouble locating it. I have an older one that was still being edited. I’ll present it now. Maybe it will be of help to my fellow writers starting out. As soon as I find the completed query, I’ll print it on a second post.

The Riven Isles. A place outside of our known world, where the characters of myth and fairy-tales exist, and their legends influence the lives of the people. 

Among them is Isbet, a witch skilled in the craft. Her return home marred by the murder of the woman who raised her. The old witch’s prized possession, stolen—the Tinderbox. A common man has used it to seize a throne. The same man who conquered Prince Bram Greyward’s land and forced Bram to become his heir. When a chance encounter gives Isbet the opportunity she needs to ingratiate herself into the king’s house, she meets Bram, whose bravery and kindness impresses her.

Isbet’s goal is revenge and to retrieve the Box. For Bram, it is to free his homeland. When they receive a summons to an underground kingdom, they must set aside their personal desires as they discover an ancient source of magic, long dormant, is being brought to life by beings unnatural and it threatens to destroy the land. They have pulled Isbet and Bram into a battle not their own and struggle to locate the source of the darkness. However, Bram is caught in the aura of shadows surrounding the king and fearful of the demonic creatures within the box.

Tinderbox takes a page from The Tinderbox by Hans Christian Andersen.  It is the first of a series, with the second book, Wild Deeds, already in preparation. Thank you.

As my new journey progresses, I’ll continue to update. It will take time, but I’m looking forward to it. I want to thank Anne Tibbets, Don D’Auria and Nick Wells for their faith in me and my works.

More news as soon as it develops.



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