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The Buy Black Movement. What About Writers?

Back on May 12th, I commented on both Twitter and Facebook about the Buy Black Movement. Big Brother and I had watched a YouTube video explaining its origins. Since neither of us were familiar with it, I did my thing by researching. It's a wonderful idea and something sorely needed in the black community. However...… Continue reading The Buy Black Movement. What About Writers?

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Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

So I'm taking some time from my writing to clean the two inch thick layer of dust and cat hair from my office. I'm also listening to Neil Gaiman's MasterClass. He's speaking of that dreaded question that strikes terror into the hearts of all writers. "Where do you get your ideas from?" I asked an… Continue reading Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

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Fabulous Discount Offer! Two Days Only!

Hello peeps! Want to pre-order Tinderbox at 25% off? Well, now is the time! From today April 20th to the 22nd, Barnes and Noble is offering this sweet discount on all pre-ordered books! So why not take advantage? *Online only. Discount to be taken off list price. Some exclusions apply. Excludes signed editions. #barnesandnoble

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Musing 3/1/22 – What Happened to the Heroic Superheroes?

Celebrate Women's History Month! I just finished watching The Guardians of Justice on Netflix. Why? I do not know. I was interested in seeing where yet another superhero series would do to further tarnish the very notion of superheroes. It didn't disappoint — or more accurately; it did. Filled with excessive violence, gore, blood, homophobia… Continue reading Musing 3/1/22 – What Happened to the Heroic Superheroes?

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Tinderbox ~ Book Cover Reveal! Hello my wonderful peeps, fellow authors and readers! Presenting the cover for my high fantasy Tinderbox, coming August 16, 2022 from Flame Tree Press! Isn't it beautiful?! For additional information and pre-order links, visit FanFiAddict at

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So Maybe it’s Time to Update That List, @SFWA?

Now that I am an unofficially published author (WAHOO!) I looked at the SFWA membership again. At one point, they advised me they were giving diverse writers free memberships. I tried applying, but it always made me key in my card number and such. I was wary about that and it didn't seem that I… Continue reading So Maybe it’s Time to Update That List, @SFWA?