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My Ocean City Retreat! Thanks to Little Pink Houses of Hope!

I have some personal news that I needed to keep to myself for a bit. Big Brother and I just spent a marvelous week in Ocean City, MD. More accurately, in Bethany Beach, DE in a beautiful beach house. You may ask, “But wait, why did you wait until after to tell us?” That’s easy. I didn’t want to put it online that we were away for an entire week, or at least that’s what the experts suggest.

We could never have had such an experience if it wasn’t for the fine people at the charity, Little Pink Houses of Hope! Little Pink makes it possible for breast cancer warriors and their families to have some time to relax and recuperate away from the pressures of home and hospitals. But that isn’t all they do! I would highly suggest going to their site and having a good look around. And maybe donate money or a property so more woman battling breast cancer like me can have this opportunity.

Aren’t we an absolutely gorgeous group of women?

Love you, ladies!
Big Brother.
Lance, me and the show pony

Big Brother and I met a group of amazing people while we were there. Women like me who know what it feels like to be dealing with breast cancer. The ladies and I had a nice introductory luncheon (no boys allowed 😉) and we learned about each other and ourselves. Then we were all off to explore! Several businesses were kind enough to donate and their time and provide us with coupons and gift cards. Others gave us discounts when we advised them we are taking part in a charity retreat. So I’m giving a special shout-out to the ones Big Brother and I visited like The Candy Kitchen on the Ocean City, MD boardwalk, and The Assateague Island National Seashore. And yes, we saw the cutest little ponies! Hey, what do you expect, I’m a girl.

An introduction to my trip to Ocean City, Maryland the week of June 5th to June 12th!
The ponies of Assateague Island.
Talk about a show horse…I mean pony!

Sunshine Crepes at Bethany Beach, DE we found to have breakfast. And let me tell you right now if you’re ever in Bethany Beach you MUST eat at Sunshine Crepes. I had the delicious Belgian waffle smothered in strawberries with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Best thing I ever ate! The staff were friendly and polite. The service was fast and the prices aren’t bad either. They’re getting five stars on as many review sites as I can find.

In fact, Big Brother and I enjoyed our stay in Bethany so much we are seriously thinking of moving down there. I always wanted to return downstate although I never figured on a beach house but as long as I can have my garden, it’s all good! This is going to take a lot of planning and saving, so wish us luck!

I also want to thank Mr. Larry for the generous donation of his beach house! Sir, you are fabulous!

Ever catch a stingray? Big Brother caught three! Although he insists I caught one because I had my rod, but I was trying to write and my old laptop was being very uncooperative. I also filmed some live dolphins swimming, but it was hard to get them so watch the video carefully! A word of advice — if you don’t want to pay $18.00 to fish to the shop directly on the OC Pier, use the boardwalk right at the entrance of the Hugh T. Cropper Inlet parking lot. It’s a shorter walk and you only have to pay for parking which is $3.50 an hour. Bring your own bait and rods. Just an FYI Talbots Bait & Tackle no longer exists contrary to what it shows on Google maps. Big Brother and I made a long pointless walk in 90 plus degree heat so he could buy bait only to be told by a local that the place had gone out of business eight years ago. Just thought I’d let you know, peeps.

It got a way too hot to stay on the boardwalk and both Big Brother and I got sick so we ended up driving back to the beach house and taking naps. The last few days a torrent blew in from the ocean and I tell you it was not pleasant driving! However, it broke the heatwave. When we could, we walked and sampled some foods and made a few purchases and basically just hung out.

I tried Dipping Dots.

I am so glad I could take this opportunity to relax and meet all the wonderful wonderful women and their families. I will always cherish the memories I have of them. Here we are at our EOW Meet and Greet and photo sessions!

The week I spent will always be one of my fondest memories. And I got to share my news about Tinderbox with these fabulous ladies as well! We want to have ourselves a reunion soon. So much will have changed by then but we will all have stories to tell.



p.s. Use the below video to relax. Play it on a loop.

Bethany Beach at Sunrise

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