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Musing 8/19/22 The B&N Controversy

After seeing many posts on various Twitter feeds but no information, I was curious about the situation with Barnes and Noble. So of course I did one of my favorite things--researched. From what I'm understanding and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong-- Barnes and Noble will no longer be carrying hardcover copies of… Continue reading Musing 8/19/22 The B&N Controversy

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Gunslinger Witch Query and Stagecoach Mary Fields

I commented on Twitter about the recent decision of Netflix to cast a young, slim, light-skinned actress as Stagecoach Mary Fields. I first came upon her when researching Black Females in the Old West and from the moment I saw her, I knew I had to write about her. Hence my western fantasy, Gunslinger Witch.… Continue reading Gunslinger Witch Query and Stagecoach Mary Fields

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Mini-Musing 8/27/21

We've all heard it. Genre writers, in various forms or another. "Why don't you write something serious?" "Why don't you write a real book?" "Fantasy (science-fiction, horror, romance...) isn't real writing." Even with all the genre fiction being made into movies and TV out there, you still have people asking these questions. Recently, The Neverending… Continue reading Mini-Musing 8/27/21