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The Publishing Industry and COVID19

After many days of headaches and worries, my 9 to 5 finally allowed us to Work From Home (WFH). Don’t get me wrong, I’m still worried, but not as as much. I worried about my Big Brother, who had Type 2. I’m calmer now and having to stay in. Since our governor just dropped the ball on us but I’ve always been a homebody so this doesn’t bother me.

I’m keeping my eye on the industry. To be honest, I have no idea what’s going on. Does anyone? Comment please. I’ll continue to research. Fellow author peeps who are expecting books to come out soon. Do you know what’s going on? It seems to be business as usual, but I’m not sure. I’m getting reports from my agent about how Gunslinger Witch is doing, but that’s about it. I wonder what does the virus mean for people like me who have gotten achieved their dreams but are still in the beginning stages, with no one allowed to step outside except for necessities.

I know one thing, literary agents still want you to send them queries. Jessica Faust of Bookends Literary Agency made this excellent video, which I believe all writers published or not, to look into this. The message is important.

What does all of this mean for Gunslinger Witch? I have no idea, either. I hope everything goes as it should. I’m certain things will take longer than normal. I’m confident that everything will work out the way it should, I’m keeping the faith, or at least I’m trying my best too. Like Master Oogway said:

Yes, I know it’s cheesy. Don’t judge me!



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