First State Comic Con

I’ll start by saying, “Wendy, you really need to learn how to use your camera phone!”

Good morning, peeps! Yesterday I attended the First State Comic-con and of course had a good time. It was originally Big Brother, who is a HUGE comics fan. Props to Facebook calender’s otherwise we may have missed it! Of course I took pictures and videos as I always do but unfortunately, two of the videos I made didn’t turn out right and again it was while I was having conversations with INTERESTING PEOPLE!

Introducing Tess Stevenson from Artbyatess! See that painting of the Black Wonder Woman? It’s all mine as soon as next payday hits so hands off! Another Interesting Person I met and a talented artists, not to mention a fellow author! Facebook Twitter Instagram

Big Brother is apparently a humongous Hulk fan. I learn something new about him almost every day. The comics were courtesy of Newark, Delaware’s own Captain Blue Hen Comics! So drop by as soon as you can.

This nice gentlemen represents Captain Blue Hen comics. I didn’t get his name but I’m assuming he’s the owner? Feel free to let me know. Anyway have a gander at the video!

Big Brother also bought this cool ghost pirate ship which he plans to work on at least until the spring comes and he’s back to fishing again. I made another video which unfortunately didn’t turn out like I wanted it but we’re going to do another and I’ll upload it do stay tuned!

Beautiful jewelry courtesy of Red How Gal’s Boutique! Catch her on Facebook and Instagram! Also made a video that didn’t turn out well.

Now as for me, and the people I met, I found this very nice graphic novel version of the original book Coraline by Neil Gaiman, which the seller assured me what much better than the movie. Wish I’d gotten his name but he’s also an author who previously published in an anthology about bullying. I encouraged him to get back into the business again. We definitely need more books touching upon the evils of bullying and its consequences.

From now on I’m going to be placing events that I attend in my news section. If you’re attending a certain event, feel free to to stop by for a little bit and shoot the breeze. Peace~


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