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Mini-Musing 4/13/19 ~ Should I Embrace The Weird?

A while back I wrote a blog post referencing a video by the Nostalgia Critic asking the question, is weird the new good?

The question recently came to my mind again by way of an article on the Barnes and Noble site, Science-Fiction/Fantasy Blog of 7 Impossible Fantasy Cities Worth the Visit by Sam Reader. Some of the cities described actually got me interested in the books.  But one thing I noticed many books of this kind have a setting that seems to consist of a hodgepodge of different – how can I say this? Well really I can’t find the right words but usually these places are held as astounding or intriguing but when I see them, I can only think, “OK, I’m confused.  What is this all about?”

Maybe it’s that logical part of me.  I’ve been told I can be too logical in certain situations.  I’d make Mr. Spock jealous — yes you heard right, jealous! And I’m a ginourmous Trek fan. But how does one make weird and have it make sense at the same time? I guess it takes an eyes and talent for the weird.

So does that mean fictional worlds that have some semblance of a known world or era obsolete.  Do I have to now go against my logical instincts and write not only outside the box but the entire galaxy as well?

Ponder this question fellow authors.

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