Mini-Musing 06/23/19

Wow, I haven’t posted here since April. Life may find a way but it sometimes gets in the way! Sorry this won’t be longer but I’ve been spending the last couple of months working on the special project I mentioned some time back. But because of everything that’s been happening to me — check my Facebook and Twitter feeds for more information.

But I had a Me Day today so I’m just going to do a short update. I hope to have more interesting news in fact I hope to have VERY GOOD NEWS!

over it eye rolls GIF by Shalita Grant

Now for the Barnes & Noble report. Neil Gaiman, bless his heart is taking up a lot of space on the shelves with reprints of all his works and the series tie-ins for Good Omens, you know, the show on — Netflix.

Most of the choices on the adult shelves were once again sequels, most too books I already own and haven’t gotten to yet. I bought a couple in YA:

So, it will be awhile before I go back because they’re moving. I hope I get notice so I can be there on their Grand Re-Opening. Pictures of course will be provided.



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