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Mini Musing 10/18/19 – Reprint!

While Big Brother and I were chilling for my #Birthday we binged watched episodes of #StarTrekDS9 and discovered a very interesting one called Far Beyond the Stars (recommended @AnneTibbets ) which involved another Captain Sisko vision-quest. <1>

In this episode he is “an under-appreciated science fiction magazine writer in the 1950s America.” (IMDB) Neither Big Brother nor I had seen this episode before but it really got me thinking about the truth behind it. <2>

There was, of course, a time where neither women nor black men would be accepted writing genre fiction. Kira plays a character who uses her initials much like D. C. Fontana, (props) K.C. Hunter. And as for women of color who wrote genre fiction? <3>

I didn’t find out any existed until Octavia E. Butler (RIP) published Parable of the Sower in 1993. And if there are women before here, please comment here! The next WOC writer I heard about was @Nalo_Hopkinson .

So I suppose between the 50s and the 90s WOC who wrote speculative fiction didn’t exist?

But I wonder, does this mean that between the 50s and the 90s WOC who wrote speculative fiction didn’t exist? Highly unlikely. If they’re still around, I hope they’ll take advantage and if not I hope they’re looking down and saying, “This is fabulous.”

Thank you very much ladies. I hope to join you someday soon! @nkjemisin @ninavarelas @nicwillwrites @renathedreamer @NisiShawl @tashadrinkstea @jules_writes @justinaireland @FondaJLee @Roshani_Chokshi @sabaatahir @hafsahfaizal @Nafizaa @Nalo_Hopkinson @TananariveDue <8>

p.s. I know I’ve probably missed dozens of authors so please, comment or introduce yourselves here! I will also reprint this on my blog if you prefer reading all at once. Peace! <9>

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