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Fantasy Novels by People of Color or Why can’t I sign into Ms. Mojo to suggest this subject as a video?

There is almost nothing more annoying than trying to sign into a website, only to have it take you around in circles, requiring you to sign in again. How familiar are you peeps with the Mojo YouTube Channels? If you aren’t, look them up. Their videos range from the hilarious to thought provoking.

My idea may not necessarily go to Ms. Mojo. I’m not sure. Either way I couldn’t sign into the site. I’m always writing about speculative fiction writers who are people of color. You may of herd this a million times before but WE NEED MORE DIVERSITY IN SPECULATIVE FICTION! A LOT MORE!

So my suggestion was to be, The Top 10 Fantasy Authors Who are People of Color. Yes, I did a search, and this topic hasn’t been suggested or covered. At least not as far as I can see. If someone finds it, please let me know.

I believe I had a previous post where I mentioned how few people of color wrote spec-fic. That was quite some time ago and now there is much more, but still not enough. The authors of color are a very recent phenomenon. So, I’m going to update my list starting from the originals I became familiar with many years ago. Now my list will not will not be in any order.

  • Octavia E. Butler ~ 1947-2006.
  • Nalo Hopkinson
  • Tananarive Due
  • Samuel Delany
  • W. E. B. Du Bois ~ 1868-1963

There may have been more, I’ll have to go back and check the names. Now we have so much more doing so well! I hope to join them someday.

**cough** Buy Tinderbox **cough**.

N.K. Jemisin

Nnedi Okorafor

Zoraida Cordova

Tomi Adeyemi

Fonda Lee

Liselle Sambury

L. Penelope

Yangsze Choo

Karen Lord

Tasha Suri

Julie C. Dao

Andrea Hairston

Justina Ireland

Roshani Chokshi

Sabaa Tahir

Swati Teerdhala

Hafsah Faizal

Tochi Onyebuchi

Roseanne A. Brown

Bethany C. Morrow

Suyi Davies Okungbowa

C.L. Clark

L.L. McKinney

Ciannon Smart

Sofia Samatar

S. Jae-Jones

Julie C. Dao

Tahereh Mafi

Michelle Sagara-West

Neon Yang

Zen Cho

Davis Ashura

Aliette de Bodard

Rebecca F. Kuang

Angela J. Ford

Patrice Caldwell

P. Djèlí Clark

Nandi Taylor

Terah Edun

Alechia Dow

Alaya Dawn Johnson

Ibi Zoboi

Kai Ashante Wilson 

Antoine Bandele

Terry C. Simpson

Ian Gregoire

K.R.S. McEntire

Cerece Rennie Murphy

Reni K’Amayo

Kacen Callender

This list is by no means complete. Most are from books on my shelves or my TBP list. And the beauty of making this list is I now have more authors whose books I can look up and buy! But we need so many more! If I missed anyone let me know and I’ll add them. And you’ll have my thanks!

So publishers, editors and agents. That includes comic book publishers, give us more diversity and carry on. And WatchMojo, here’s enough for several videos!


W.A, Simpson

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