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Mini-Musing 1-1-23. It’s a New Year! 2023!

And my resolution is… HA! I stopped doing resolutions years ago!

What I learned in 2022 or 2022 in a nutshell.

Yes, I’m an author. Thank you to Flame Tree Press and my fabulous agent, Anne Tibbets of the Donald Maas Literary Agency. Thank you for representing me and accepting Tinderbox and Tarotmancer. Here’s to future success and Book Three.

They diagnosed me for a second time with breast cancer, but I learned I’m much stronger now and know what I need to do to fight the good fight. Thank you to all the people at the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center for being so wonderful with my treatment.

Worked on my science-fantasy Immortal Stream. I’ve ignored it lately but Big Brother is eager to read it and I’m eager to finish it.

I made multiple attempts to advance at the 9 to 5 without success. I’m not sure what the lesson is there, but we need to place this in the What I’m Going to Do in 2023 list.

What’s Planned for 2023?

Tarotmancer is coming out on June 13th! I’m eagerly awaiting the pre-order date so I can start some serious promotion!

I’m going to apply for some grants. I also want to attend a writer’s conference, retreat or both! I’m looking into that right now.

I want to make a final decision on what to do with Gunslinger Witch. I know my readers will love it and it’s a toss-up between self publishing with PB/HP or just straight e-book. This is the historical fantasy with Stagecoach Mary Fields as the main character. I found the original query letter if anyone is interested:

In the realm of Edai, wars are not fought with guns or swords, but with the arts and sciences. 

Stagecoach Mary Fields has experienced more in her lifetime than most people. A hard-drinking, cigar smoking frontier woman, she is comfortable in her own skin. Fast with a pistol and fierce as an Earth Shaker, Mary has earned the trust and admiration of Mother Amadeus Dunne, who calls on her to help locate a missing Blackfoot girl, Minaku.

Mary’s investigation takes her to Edai, through the Heaven’s Gate. There, Mary meets three young women and discovers they share a common enemy, magicians known as Bone Workers.

As Mary continues her quest, she finds that not only have the Bone Workers taken Minaku but other Songstresses. If Mary doesn’t find the captives and stop the Bone Workers, her life and the lives of others will be at risk and the Bone Workers will succeed in their plans to throw Edai’s government into chaos. With help from her newfound companions, Mary vows she will rescue those taken, Bone Workers be damned.

GUNSLINGER WITCH will appeal to fans of Justina Ireland’s, Dread Nation, and Colleen Gleason’s, Stoker and Holmes series. It is the first book in a planned series.

What are your plans for the New Year?

Peace ~


2 thoughts on “Mini-Musing 1-1-23. It’s a New Year! 2023!”

  1. I am actually writing again and world building. I am not sure what my total endgame is but I just may actually be doing more than one story in the end. Its been a long time since I have done this or even been able to do this.

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