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Musing 02/15/23 How does #Booktok work?

Mention of an apparently controversial article on #Booktok had me looking into it. Well, I’d been doing so for a while now, trying to learn the ins and outs and, as always, I come up with the same question.

How does #Booktok work?

I know you’re thinking, well duh! But seriously, there are so many questions about what makes good.

For example, I see authors like myself who have similar types of videos, yet they have between tens of thousands to millions of followers and their videos get tens of thousands of likes.

Why not follow them? I read an article that made sense. It suggests don’t follow celebrities because they’ll never follow you back or respond to posts. Although I have a few authors and entertainers who have responded a few times. Commenting is an automatic follow for me. So maybe that doesn’t apply to TikTok? It was for Twitter, actually.

I don’t know if anyone on #Booktok will see this. I could really use some advice from those who actually have the ten to millions. Authors, readers and reviewers, specifically.

So what am I doing wrong, if anything? I love all of my 239 followers, but I’d love so much more. Not just to sell my works, but as shy as I am — yes, you read that right, I’m shy. I have no problem meeting and interacting with different people online. And I’m talking serious #booktokers NOT spam #booktockers!

I’ll make a video of introduction to this and hopefully will drum up some response. In the meantime, as always, I persevere.

Peace ~


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