Delaware Writers Studio

Author Judith Reveal

I’ve made a discovery here in my lil ole’ state. Today I attended a talk on Viewpoint vs. POV hosted by author Judith Reveal. Presented by the Delaware Writers Studio,  I found it very informative because really I never thought there was a difference between the two. I took notes and some pictures; although I wish, I had done a video so you could have gotten to hear a sample of what we discussed. All I know is, I was thinking I was the only writer seeking mainstream publication around. It was good to see others.

I also scored a copy of her recent work, The Four Elements of Fiction.  Good for me because I haven’t added to my the top shelf of my PC desk—where I keep all of my How To Books—in like forever.

The Four Elements of Fiction: Character, Setting, Situation, and Theme

Every third Sunday they, “… offer workshops from 1:30-3:30 on the 3rd Sunday of every month (with a few exceptions, noted in the calendar) at Kirkwood Library, 6000 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington.”

I suggest hopping over to their site for more information.

Everyone had a good time and learned a lot.  Ms. Reveal gave us a writing prompt focused on the familiar Jack and Jill story but told from a different POV.  No, I didn’t present mine, which means I need to do a lot more work when it comes to writing prompts. It’s not something I do. Now I know it’s something else for me to work on.

Big Brother asked me why I was going, and I replied, “Because we can always continue to learn.” He understood, it was like, he said, how he watches the DIY and fishing videos.  So now, I’m off to find writing prompt challenges and to research more on those Four Elements, which I’ve always known about there’s obviously more I can know.

One more thing, being here was rather inspiring. Yes, yes, I know we shouldn’t wait for inspiration but I figure it this way, if something can pull your muse out of the corner then I say strike while the irons are hot – sorry about the cliché.

It was just a nice change, gathering in a room with authors making the same journey.  I’ve only been recently able to do that.  I would suggest doing so to anyone.  Now I will find more things to do!


Wendy S.

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