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Fantasy Panel and Book Signing at Barnes & Noble

I seriously love being a writer!

Sure, sometimes I gripe and complain and feel like giving up but that’s all of us.  I really love placing words on paper — or more accurately now a computer screen!

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Fantasy Panel and Book Signing at Barnes and Noble in Oxford Valley and I have to say it was an informative and enlightening experience! Five of the best in speculative fiction rose to the occasion and to the time out of their busy schedules to come and speak with fellow authors and readers alike.  Me, I had a fabulous time!

Of course, I have photos and as a special treat, a short video I made during the Q&A Session.  Unfortunately, you’re going hear someone laughing like mad.  That would be me.  Each had their own witty and entertaining was of answering both pre-planned and spontaneous questions. 

I got to speak with them all at the end.  There were so many questions I wanted to ask but first, came the book signings.  Have a look at what I got!

I wish I had the budget to get every book they’d brought but unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards but that’s what Wish Lists are for.  I feel especially good about this becuase they will not how a place on my bookshevles that stand pratically empty.  I’m on my way to rebuilding my collection.

Like with the Writing Workshop, I highly recommend attending a panel if you haven’t already and if you have…tell us about it!

I want to say thanks to the fabulous authors who participated.  Check them and their works out.  I’m sure you’ll find them to be a friendly and intelligent group just like I did!

Maria V. Synder

Sarah Beth Durst

Carolyn Turgeon

Fran Wilde

Peace ~


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