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Mini-Musing ~ April 24th, 2022

So I’m taking some time from my writing to clean the two inch thick layer of dust and cat hair from my office. I’m also listening to Neil Gaiman’s MasterClass. He’s speaking of that dreaded question that strikes terror into the hearts of all writers. “Where do you get your ideas from?” I asked an author this only once. The author gave me a look like, “How dare you ask me this question?” However, Neil said it’s not because we’re intentionally being jerks, it’s because we’re scared. Neil offers an appropriate answer all writers can use. You’ll have to take the MasterClass to see.

While I’m listening, I stop and look around at the things I have gathered. Not too long ago everything was rather plain, not much in the way of decor but when it became necessary to work from home, I thought, well since I’m going to be spending most of my days in this room I need to spruce it up a bit. I’m still thinking of putting as much as I can cram into this space.

And looking at my office, thinking of how it will soon crowd with many things, I thought of Ray Bradbury.

I’ve often said he was one of my major influences in writing fantasy and science-fiction. Well, him and C. S. Lewis. And then I thought of the intro of his series, The Ray Bradbury Theatre. Many of you likely never knew of its existence. It was from way back in the day.

But if you listen carefully, you see he answers that question. From his office, his home away from home within his home, if such a thing is possible. And I realized I got some of my best ideas just by looking at the things in this room as well as when I’m out and about.

Like Bradbury said, “I’ll never starve here.”

I can’t wait to fill my office with all the clutter.



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