Musing 06/22/20 – #PublishingPaidMe

Sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it. I must be out of my mind because the answer is always yes. Even with everything that’s going on in the industry right now. There’s a new hashtag on the block #PublishingPaidMe. Created by fantasy author LL McKinney, it invites authors of color to reveal the royalties publishers pay them to compare with white authors. Often there are immense discrepancies, which is the point. To make it known to the world that #BIPOC authors are being shorted in the worst way.

I’ve seen others asking this question. Since we’re not being paid equally why bother? Why do I bother? Because I have this annoying thing called, “a passion for my craft.” Or, I just like it, OK? Since I wrote my first book at five years old, since I started reading at a high school level in the third grade, since I purchased my first book with my own money, I’ve loved the written word in all its forms.

If you’re writing for the money, get out now. Seriously.

However, if you will continue on and do your part for fair pay, then I commend you. You don’t have to do anything majorly spectacular IMHO, just say, hey, I’m with you, I agree with you. It’s effed up.

Check out this tweet by author Malorie Blackman:

Few people visit my blog, at least not that I know of. Maybe when Gunslinger Witch gets out there, more people will visit. But I still continue to write these posts when I can. If at least one person sees this, then at least that is something. And speaking of Gunslinger Witch…

The people closest to me know how long I’ve been at the writing game. Don’t ask me how long, though.  ðŸ˜‰ Finally at the end of last year, my literary agent signed me and we’ve been working together since to make Gunslinger Witch as perfect as it can be. It’s out to publishers right now and we’ve been getting excellent reviews from some and we’re still waiting on others. And I sure as hell and high water am not giving up now.

So lets keep going together. Let’s support our fellow authors. They are our colleagues, published or not. Let’s buy each other’s books. If you need someone to help you along with the journey, there are many others, me included, on social media who often communicate with their readers. And give your own opinions, tell of your hopes with this roller-coaster industry of ours.

We are needed.



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