Mini-Musing 3/23/18 ~ For Reboot series fans only!*

*Well, feel free to read if you’re curious.

#NotMyReboot #Reboot #TheGuardianCode #RebootRevival

This is mainly for fans of the animated show Reboot which aired back in the mid-nineties and was the first all CGI Saturday Morning Cartoon.  You’re probably already aware of all the bull*** that’s been surrounding the return of the show so I won’t go into it too deeply but I want to say one thing:

Enough is enough.

I wasn’t going to say anything at all about Rainmaker jerking our collective chains but today, I saw this on the Reboot Revival website.


I hope @GlitchBob452 doesn’t mind I’ve placed this here but I think all red-blooded Reboot fans who haven’t seen this, should if you haven’t already.  They already know how Rainmaker Entertainment ruined a perfectly marvelous show.  There isn’t much more I can say except, WTF?  This was it for me.

Now, I know I don’t talk about television that much but Reboot always held a special place in this writer’s heart.  Way back in the day I was re-introduced to Reboot thanks to a fellow fan who went by the name of JuliaCat.  I don’t know where she is now, but I’ll say, “Hello.”

I became a MAJOR FAN. I mean, a website, fanfiction, contests, if it had to do with Reboot, I was there.  I eagerly awaited Season 4, and then joined the myriad of fans who wanted to forget it existed and just stick to the three seasons with the exception of the cliffhanger being resolved.  After decades of back and forth, I was pretty much convinced that Reboot was never coming back and my interest ceased.  Gone was the site and the fanfiction and I resigned myself to never getting an ending to that cliffhanger.

Until Big Brother and I happened to stumble upon this:

After viewing it the first thing I said was, “Oh s***, there are going to be so many pissed off Booters.”

The 12K  (*14K as of 4/5/18) in dislikes says it all.

I won’t be watching this version. I’ve already down-voted this on Netflix.  Yes, you can do that without actually watching it!  I was content to stay in the shadows but after seeing these horrific renderings of our favorite characters – wow – my brain just imploded.

I’ve seen it compared to Power Rangers, Code Lyoko, something called Zixx and Super Human Samurai Squad.  I’ve never heard of either of the latter two.  However, it IS NOT REBOOT.

I’m sure my fellow Reboot fans have seen all of the interviews and articles with Michael Hefferon’s lame-ass excuses.  We’ve asked why did you even bother to call it Reboot?  Didn’t you know the true Reboot fans wouldn’t accept it?  I find it hard to believe he didn’t.

So now Reboot will be firmly ensconced in the realm of fond memories along with all of the fellow fans I met and all the fun we had.  As for The Guardian Code – oh, hell to the no!



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