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Mini-Musing 3/11/18 – YA Fantasy IS IN!

I took a short trip back to Barnes and Noble and again didn’t see anything new in the adult fantasy section but I decided to look at the YA Fantasy shelves. At first, I got the scare of my life when I couldn’t find them! I thought, “Are you shi***** me? You even got rid of YA?” However, they call it Teen Reads now and I was happy to find everything was there. I wanted to take some pictures but I couldn’t get my blasted phone out of my purse. Trust me; it’s more difficult than it sounds. It looks like YA Fantasy at least is still going strong. I can understand why most agents and editors want it now and from what I’ve researched, it’s not going to stop anytime soon, IMHO. I could be completely wrong but it’s difficult to think so. I suppose I’ll be buying my adult fantasy online but then again, it would be more convenient to buy both.

Gunslinger Witch is being edited and I’m looking forward to getting my work out to many fabulous readers. Meanwhile you’ll see me around.



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