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Gunslinger Witch Query and Stagecoach Mary Fields

I commented on Twitter about the recent decision of Netflix to cast a young, slim, light-skinned actress as Stagecoach Mary Fields. I first came upon her when researching Black Females in the Old West and from the moment I saw her, I knew I had to write about her. Hence my western fantasy, Gunslinger Witch. Mary got my wonderful agent and although she hasn’t found a home yet, I’m determined now more than ever that she does so.

Many people have commented on the controversial subject of Netflix’s decision. I said in my Twitter post I have nothing against the actress, although I discovered after researching her, I know her from Deadpool 2. I didn’t recognize her at first, so she’s a fairly decent action actress. But she simply doesn’t fit this role. It especially infuriated me to find that she will play the love interest of one cowboy and there’s a scene where’s she’s strutting around in a red bustier! It was insulting on so many levels.

So here is how I envisioned Mary, even in a fantasy setting. I hope she sounds more like the true historical character we know and if you like my take, keep your fingers crossed that Gunslinger Witch finds a place on the shelves.

For your consideration, I would like to submit my work of fantasy, GUNSLINGER WITCH, complete at 92,000 words.

In the realm of Edai, wars are not fought with guns or swords, but with the arts and sciences. 

Stagecoach Mary Fields has experienced more in her lifetime than most people. A hard-drinking, cigar smoking frontier woman, she is comfortable in her own skin. Fast with a pistol and fierce as an Earth Shaker, Mary has earned the trust and admiration of Mother Amadeus Dunne, who calls on her to help locate a missing Blackfoot girl, Minaku.

Mary’s investigation takes her to Edai, through the Heaven’s Gate. There, Mary meets three young women and discovers they share a common enemy, magicians known as Bone Workers.

As Mary continues her quest, she finds that not only have the Bone Workers taken Minaku but other Songstresses. If Mary doesn’t find the captives and stop the Bone Workers, her life and the lives of others will be at risk and the Bone Workers will succeed in their plans to throw Edai’s government into chaos. With help from her newfound companions, Mary vows she will rescue those taken, Bone Workers be damned.

GUNSLINGER WITCH will appeal to fans of Justina Ireland’s, Dread Nation, and Colleen Gleason’s, Stoker and Holmes series. It is the first book in a planned series.

I live in Delaware and share my home with my oldest brother and a diva cat who truly owns the place.

Thank you for your time.



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