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Mini-Musings 7/23/15 ~ Wow…just…wow.

I know I should be working on my school work right now but I’m tired of dealing with the idiots.  I don’t want to not speak my opinion but after awhile you realize there’s no point in continuing.  I’m just tired of people stepping on me whenever my opinion doesn’t agree with them.

And right now it’s bumming me out, which pisses me off at the same time because I had a very nice “Me Day.”  Well reasonably nice and now I’m in a mood again.

Is anyone out there?  It seems like no one was on social media today at all.

So here is my latest bookstore report.  I went to Barnes & Noble and was very disturbed to find the fantasy novel section had been basically cut in half to make room for graphic novels (an entire row) and manga.  Of course, as someone commented, they have Fifty Shades on the shelves but won’t put up any yaoi.  Seriously Barnes & Noble?  I really beginning to think I should go back to writing mysteries or maybe switch to romance.  Bodice rippers seem to be making a comeback as there were several on the new shelves.

As for the new fantasy most of it were books I had already purchased or the sequels to those books.  Nothing new at all.  What happened?  It seems that fantasy has taken a sudden an unexpected downturn.

So I go on Amazon and look up:

Books : Science Fiction & Fantasy : Last 30 days : Fantasy : Epic : Paperback : In Stock Only : New

And come up with these.

Maybe I shouldn’t be quite so picky so I went with Last 90 days.

There are some interesting choices there, most of the epic fantasy being self-published.  I wish the biggies would take the hint.  People still read epic fantasy you know!

And is it all right for me to buy something from Amazon?  I mean everyone seems so pissed at them right now although this is another instance where the information is difficult to obtain except for bits and pieces.

I going to stay away from the school site and buy a PC game off Steam I’ve been looking at and spending the rest of the night playing.  Although I guess I should be writing.



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