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The home of Ray Bradbury was placed on the market on the 20th.  Although it’s very old. a classic in fact it’s in what is considered a very high-class neighborhood and is going for a whopping 1.495 million dollars!  The current listing is here:

Damn I wish I had that kind of money.

Bradbury was pretty much the reason I chose speculative fiction.  Although I was a bit miffed at him for saying e-book writers aren’t “real writers” and then he proceeded to publish an e-book himself, so maybe he changed his mind.  Either way he was one of the greats.  The house is empty now.  His thousands of books and knick-knacks all gone.  I hope his children have them or at least donated them to a good charity.  I certainly would have taken them all and added it to my own 300 plus collection.  Try and find pictures of him at home and you will see his love of books is quite evident.

Can you imagine what it would be like living there?  Mr. Bradbury undoubtedly still lingers, some of his talent and inspiration.  Think of all of the ideas you could come up with and the feelings of gratitude.  I would have bought the house as-is.  I jokingly told my brother we’ll live in my home on the east coast in the summer and in the Bradbury home in the winter.  I know some part of him would be there guiding my taps on the keyboard as I wrote.

I always wanted to meet the man.  And would probably have hit the floor the moment I saw him.  All speech would have left my throat.  To live in his house – hell I would probably spent all day just sitting in his office taking it all in.

Maybe some of you recall the show he had on NBC?  The Ray Bradbury Theatre? I was there sitting in front of the TV, faithfully watching.  To coin a phrase from the Wicked Witch of the West, “And woe to those who try to stop me!”  Each night, Mr. Bradbury would introduce the show and we would see the wonderful clutter that was his workspace.

There was an article I’d seen but I can’t find it now, where the author stated it was likely his house would be razed, and a more modern structure would probably be built.

Oh hell to the no.

If someone goes near that house with so much as a crowbar in their hand and I find out about it, there’s going to be hell to pay.  I don’t mind taking Beauty on a road-trip to LA.

There’s also supposed to a campaign by a group of authors and fans to purchase the home and keep it up.  Or better yet, why not make it a historical place?

I just hope whomever does end up owning this National Treasure, that they appreciate what they have.  I know I would.  I’ll try and keep everyone updated.

Peace ~




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