And after spending four more hours on Algebra I have decided it can wait until the end of the night.  So I took a little drive to Barnes and Noble and now I’m having a passion fruit ice tea and an Asiago Cheese Pretzel.  My brother is home cooking some of his famous BBQ ribs but it will be a couple of hours before they are done.  Perfect.

And so I sat at a four table since there were no two tables available when the lady sitting next to me at the two table, gets up and leaves.  So being the courteous person I am, I switched to the two table, but she came right back and sat at the four table.  So I turned to her and said, “Oh, my apologies were you not finished here?”  Woman stone-cold ignored me to which I gave a snippy, “O–K.”  And yes, she’s sitting right here next to me now.  She has a companion there now and she’s giving her mondo condescending attitude. Some people are so damn miserable.

But onto other things.  Nothing much has changed on the shelves since my last report.  I did see two very nice hard-cover versions of the complete works of both The Brother’s Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. They were $20 a piece and I am so buying them both when my tax refund comes in.  Besides, it has The Tinderbox with hand drawn pictures.

And I am purchasing The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee and Darkwalker by E.L. Tettensor.

I’m not going to stay too much longer because I do want to finish the homework and I have some editing to do.  Still waiting to hear about a few things.  Stay tuned as always.

Peace ~


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