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It’s 2014 ~ I’ve Got Some Old Stories That Need A New Attitude!

Looks like Windows Live Writer works just find.  Hats off to Mr. Bill Gates.  Well the first day of the New Year is coming too a close.  Feel free to go back to your work duties.  I on the other hand am on vacation! 

I’ve spent the whole day tweaking my site and Satin.  And no I didn’t want to go anywhere, have you been out lately?  It’s effing cold!  Not to mention we’re in a winter storm warning.

If you notice on the sidebar, four of my works are no longer available from their respective publishers.  I requested the rights back from Cobblestone Press for Souls Inflamed, Fire and Fate and Diamond in the Rough, although I can’t do anything with them for about a week and a half.  And as many of you know, Noble Romance Publishing had ceased operations, so my one story with them, What You See is also mine once more.  But don’t fret!  I plan on finding homes for all of these stories after a do some tweaking on them!  Feel free to post possible markets.

I’ve joined the Agent Query Connect, the forum for Agent Query so if you’re on it as well, friend me.  If not, stop on by and check it out.  I’ve posted a couple of query critiques as well as my own query letter.  There’s a lot to see so it will probably take a bit to look around.  Although I said no NYR’s I still have plans for 2014.  One of course is to definitely have Tinderbox accepted by agent or  publisher come hell or high water, if you’ll pardon the cliché.

So who is going to try the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Competition this year?

I’m just glad for these few days off to recharge the old batteries and get things together.  So everyone take a breather.  It was a long year.

Peace ~




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