Barnes & Noble

MUSINGS 9/22/13

Well just had a nice afternoon at Barnes and Noble and now have two new acquisitions: Phoenix Rising by Ryk E. Spoor (who seems to also be Eric Flint) Ah hah!  I’ve discovered his secret identity!
Also The Scar by Marina and Sergey Dyachenko.  They seem like very interesting people if their site is any indication.

If you’ve seen my previous posts, I’ve finished Tinderbox, edited it and am now doing queries to various agents.  No bites so far but I haven’t even gotten half-way down the list yet, so I’m not worried (wow, I said that with a straight face!).  I still need to hear.

The two books I chose were one of few fantasies I saw on the shelves.  A few that I wanted were in trade paperback so I’m waiting until they go to mass market.

Right now, I’m tweaking the third installment in the Illusion of Night Series (Briars and Bones) and working on Wrapt in Ashes.  I may need a series name for that as well (*hint*Sedonia Guillone*hint*) since I’m already thinking of a third book.

I would be interested in hearing about how any of my fellow authors found their agents.  Feel free to post your stories here.

And next month I’ll be celebrating my — 29th birthday.  Yes 29.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Peace ~



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